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Each of us has created our own personal websites.  Please click on the links below to access each site. 
In addition, we have listed several links that we have found beneficial to us in the creation of our websites. 



        Designing a website and making it effective takes a great deal of work. Having the knowledge to put one together to suit a particular audience and purpose makes this task much more simple. Finding the resources to create a quality website can be done by searching the Internet. Numerous sites offer information and resources for website creation.

            When it comes to using graphics on websites beginners are not always the most knowledgeable as to what works.  That is why it is important to have a resource like  to give good tips and plenty of explanations. The tutorials can explain what is right about something but most importantly show how to do it.

Layout of a website is also something that is important. An excellent source for design layout considerations for web pages is Web Style Guide, 2nd Addition. This source is a comprehensive guide to designing a website. There are excellent examples and detailed explanations. This guide is written in an easy-to-read style and is well organized to allow for easy navigation to what information is needed.

  Searching for a collection of useful, free JavasScript Applets can be difficult unless the search begins at website contains many different links to sites that provide Applets and explanations on how to use them.  After looking through several effective sites, this proved to include them and many others.





            Another very tedious job when creating a website or other multi-media presentation is finding the right graphics to go with the topic.  The other problem is cost.  So it is important to look at a website like to to get information on which places have royalty free clipart and which ones cost money.  This site complies all these websites and organizes them so it is easy for the user to access what they are looking for.

            Many teachers are also very aware the power point is beneficial to their students.  They use it often in the classroom and would like to know how to run a presentation online for the parents or absent students.  At  there is  a step by step walk through of how to put a power point on a website.  It is both easy to follow and to use.  Of course it is in power point presentation form!
            The CGI site found to be most useful is called
Matt’s Script Archive This site has many free CGI scripts that can be accessed for use on an educational web page.  The Form Mail and Guest Book CGI scripts are time proven and would be very beneficial to collecting information from those who would visit your site.  The text clock and random link generator would also be very helpful to those who are looking to add information without flash and distraction. 

Most of the graphics are from clipart.  The Welcome graphic on the home page and the typing computer on Misty's page are from All photos and navigational buttons are from personal collections of the website creators.