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Team Members:


Donald L. Heinz II -


Tiffany Hollenkamp -


Misty Monreal -


Kimberlee Zuber -









Kimberlee Zuber

Tiffany Hollenkamp

Each member of the team has a page with a self-reflection of their Computer Education specialization and their personal biography. Included on each member's page is information about his/her community where they live, information about their district and school where they teach and information about their department. In addition, each member has a link to their own website they created to fulfill a requirement for the CMP 560 course.
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Misty Monreal

Donald Heinz II

Most of the graphics are from clipart.  The Welcome graphic on the home page and the typing computer on Misty's page are from All photos and navigational buttons are from personal collections of the website creators.