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Who I am

    I am a 32 year old, mother of two. I currently live in Aurora, Colorado and teach middle school English. My husband is in the Navy. I taught almost seven years in high school before taking off a couple of years to be a full-time mom and work on this degree. This past August we moved from Whidbey Island, Washington, to Colorado.  
    I was actually raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I attended a small mountain college in Colorado for three years and Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma for two years.  I came back to Colorado to teach high school.  Over time, I became onw of my school's unofficial technology gurus.     
      Once, a long time ago, I had time for hobbies outside of kids and a husband.  I used to be an avid horsewoman, but two major head injuries and a brain tumor later, I have had to give that up. I also used to quilt, but since having my daughter, have not found much time for this either.  However, my passion for reading still abounds.  I read voraciously.  Many of my books have water stains from reading them while I bath my kids or cook in the kitchen.  My husband teases me all the time about how many books I have around the house that I am reading at the same time.  I am also a pianist. 
     In 2001 I attended an "Intel: Teach to the Future" course that really helped me get started on using my own created websites as a teaching tool. I have created several websites, yet am continually learning and growing in my understanding of web design.


Community Link:

Aurora, Colorado.

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Aurora Public Schools

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Mrachek Middle School

Reflections on Computer Education
Looking back over the course of the last nineteen months since I started my graduate studies, I do not regret pursuing a masters in technology, but do feel that I have not had enough hands-on training to feel that I could step into a technology teacher's position. There is much I still would like to learn, although I feel that I am well versed in how to write a grant proposal, an acceptable use policy, a technology plan, and an action research plan. I have found most Computer Education classes to be limiting because of the on-line environment. I would like to learn how to use software beyond Microsoft Office and how to use newer technology such as a Whiteboard. Overall, though, I am pleased with the University of Phoenix on-line program, especially since I lived on an island until a few months ago with no other way to pursue a master's degree.

My Class Website:

Mrs. Monreal's Literacy Classes

Current Position and Contact Information:
Misty Monreal
Mrachek Middle School
1955 S. Telluride St.
Aurora, CO 80013

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