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Hello everyone!  My name is Tiffany Hollenkamp, I am 30 years old and have been teaching for 7 years now. My husband and I live in the small town of Breese, Illinois.  I was brought up just a few miles from here. I suppose you could say that I have always been a small town girl and probably will always be one.


I attended both catholic grade school and high school.  After high school I decided junior college was the right choice for me.  Upon finishing my associates, I chose MacMurray College in Jacksonville, IL as the place to work on my Bachelor Degree.  In 1999, I graduated with a degree in Deaf Education, and LD Certification (learning disabilities).  My first job was in Missouri as a LD teacher (junior high the first year and high school the second).  I then decided it was time to move back home.  That is when I was first given the opportunity to put my Deaf Ed degree to use.  I have been working for the Kaskaskia Special Education School District for the past three years as a Hearing Impaired Itinerant Teacher. It is definitely a challenging and rewarding position.


I have decided to go back and work on my Master's degree to better myself for me and my students.  I want to be able to provide as much support as possible for my students who have to work so hard to be part of the regular classroom.  Almost everyday my students teach me something new, I would also like to learn some new things on my own time.  I have decided that now is a better time than any to establish a solid ground for the family I hope to have one day and getting this degree is one of the steps.  I recently got married (November 5) and we just found out that we are expecting our first child.  I am ready to delve further into my search for knowledge and have my degree completed before the new little one arrives.


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Reflections on Computer Education Specialization
Since beginning my journey in distant education acquiring my Master's Degree through online classes, my awareness of the importance of technology has continually increased.  As a teacher, I am well aware of how important it is for students to be taught using technology and that they need to be taught how to use it.  What I did not realize until I became more involved in the program was exactly how much technology will be affecting students in the future.  Classes are going to be offered online for just about everyone in the not so distant future.  In order to have this opportunity the student needs to be well informed on how to effectively use a computer and the programs necessary for the classes.  Therefore it is not just important it is vital for the future of our students that we have teachers who specialize in computer education to  help improve the future of our children.

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